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In high school, I was the girl who knew where all the good sales were. I could tell you the best shops and the best deals all around town. The Modest Maven Blog is a place where I can share all those great deals. More then a good deal, or the coolest threads l have been focusing on clothes that are classic in cut and timeless in style. I am not sure when this focus began, maybe when Paris Hilton began taking over the newsstands and Britney Spears was running around with no undies. It made me evaluate what I was wearing and how I wanted to “brand” myself as a person. I am sure they are nice girls, but my gut reaction was to make sure I did not come across like them. So my search began to make sure I found clothes that still reflected my personality, but left something to the imagination. Hopefully this blog will help us all find great clothes. I would love any insight to what you guys out there have found also.

The Modest Maven


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