Eliza Magazine

I was really excited to discover Eliza Magazine, the modest magazine. What a cool idea and concept. Eliza has the best fashion spreads, right up there with Vogue and Bazaar. I have tried to buy a few things that I saw in the pages and haven’t had the best luck because they sell out. But I still get endless inspiration on what to look for and companies to support.

I also really enjoy their articles: smart without being elitist, current without being cheap, and fun without being flippant. My fav.s in the spring issue were The Weepies Article (how cute are they with their baby?!?), How to write letters, Queen Rania profile, and the Grace Kelly feature. I cannot wait for the summer issue, I haven’t got mine in the mail yet. Here is the cover.

You can buy it at one of


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2 responses to “Eliza Magazine

  1. tatum

    one of my fav articles was the How To Write 5 Letters, too. wink**

    thank you!

    but, seriously, ELIZA mag is the greatest. “modest” and “fashion” really do go well together. yay ELIZA!

  2. Modest Couture by Elizabeth has incredible retro-vintange style wedding gowns and prom/bridesmaid dresses. They are ALL modest and custom made. Her stuff in insane, it’s so cute! Check out her stuff at http://www.modestcouturebyelizabeth.com. We all want to be modest and different, in a good way. Her stuff is unique, cute and extra fun!

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