Sexy Modest Review

Sexy Modest is one of the newer modest clothing companies. I found them on the back of my last Eliza Magazine. A few of my friends have comment on the name, thinking it is an oxy-moron, but I think as grown woman being sexy is part of who we are. And modesty can be sexy without showing everything you have. In fact “sexy is in the eye of the beholder,” some men like classic cuts much better then revealing attire.
So there. The line, designed by Brigitte Brianna, has two distinct feels. One is more casual, almost workout wear and the other is on the casual dressy side. No dresses on this site, but they do have a skirt and jacket, shorts (one was featured in Eliza), and blouses. The blouses are my favorite feature because they stray from the typical modest tee. They are made of nice fabrics and have intricate detailing.
Sexy Modest
Sexy Modest


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2 responses to “Sexy Modest Review

  1. ysabella

    I don’t understand why people place such emphasis on being ‘modest’ and hiding your body. I think it should be a choice, and morally, I see nothing wrong with Jordan going around in virtually no clothes (ok, it might be a bit of a fashion crime).

    Why should people hide their assests? What’s wrong with showing off your good points?

    I think people should dress how they like, and never pressure others to wear more clothing…especially not if they look good.

    Modest is a word that is starting to annoy me.

  2. modestmaven

    Listen Ysabella,
    Why would you come on a site dedicated to modest fashion just to tell us what we should do? It seems a little hypocritical.

    This is a site for everyone who wants to dress modestly to have resources and information. Not one post is about telling other people how to dress.

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