More Brooke White Pictures from Eliza Magazine

I was bummed I hadn’t gotten my brooke white Eliza magazine issue yet, even though I saw it at my Barnes and Noble. I emailed them and they said it got stuck in Texas during the storm…no really, their printer is in Texas.

Anyway, for any of you who haven’t seen it yet here are some more of the Brooke White images inside the magazine.

She is so beautiful. There are even more, but I am trying to find them online, instead of just scanning my issue. If anyone else has the other images let me know.

I am ready for more Brooke White music. Can’t wait till she puts out a new album.



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2 responses to “More Brooke White Pictures from Eliza Magazine

  1. Sharon

    I love this issue of Eliza Magazine. It is the best ever!!! The plaid story was amazing. So was the vintage one with the guy and girl. How adorable. Everyone can check out more of the pictures on the Eliza Magazine Facebook Fan Page.

  2. BrookeLover

    You should put up the pictures of Brooke in the black dress. I think it shows off her personality the best. I saw them on a Brooke Fan page.

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