Tropical Tankinis


Here is another site of tankinis found from Jen Magazine Newsletter. The site is They are nothing new or cutting edge, but they are fun and modest. 

Every swimsuit has secrets that allow you to adjust and
enhance your suit so you feel beautiful and confident at the beach or pool.

Hapari Secrets:
1. All suits can be worn 3 different ways (halter, tank and criss cross)

2. Mix and match any top with any bottom

3. Every swimsuit top has secret pockets for silicone inserts called “Illusions”

4. Tummy Tuk bottoms will tuck you in and hide those unwanted curves

**I was able to get you a coupon code: use the coupon “jen10”
to get 10% off. Plus, they give you free shipping on orders over $75.

They also have tankinis for Junior girls size 8/10 (in most prints).



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2 responses to “Tropical Tankinis

  1. Hi! I just started a daily style blog featuring modest fashion so make sure to check it out:


  2. Cumorah

    I am trying to teach some youth about the importance of the whole modest swimsuit thing, but I can’t find any official church stance on the subject. Do you know of any articles or talks where the prophet or an apostle has come out and given guidlines on swimwear? Thanks!

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