Funky Frum is back

Funky Frum‘s previous owner started her family and decided to turn the reins over to another modest fashion company, Be Precious. Here is what the blog says:

“Hello Everyone, my name is Josh Liggett, and I run Recently, Rachel handed over the reins of Funky Frum to us at Be Precious, and we will be opperating the site from now on. We at Be Precious also wanted to wish Rachel the best in all her future endeavors.
If you are familiar with BePreciousClothing, you know that we are dedicated to providing you with modest clothing that is within the confines of “modesty,” while maintianing lots of style and fashion. The same will be true with FunkyFrum, which will feature some products that we are very excited about!
Here is a little snippet about Be Precious:
Be Precious™ was started in 2007 by Josh Liggett and is a family run business. Josh’s parents, Andy and Beverly, have been in the clothing business for over 25 years, and currently own and operate L.A. Movers™ (Including Scrambled Girls™, Ferocious Chick™, Perpetual Motion™, and Bev™).
Recently, the Liggett family realized that with changing fashion trends, there is a lack of fashionable modest clothing. Over time, it has become more and more difficult for woman of all ages to stay in style while maintaining their modesty.
So, Be Precious™ was created, taking the fashionable styles used by L.A Movers and making them modest. Not only do our products cover all the places necessary to be modest, but also are in the “spirit” of modesty.
So come and join the Be Precious Family and see how you can maintain your modesty while staying in style.
“At Be Precious, we’re not trying to make fashionable clothing modest. We’re trying to make modest clothing fashionable.”
-Josh Liggett, CEO, Be Precious Inc.”

What we loved about Funky Frum was the trendy fashion (brands like Tulle and Three Dot) from a jewish perspective. Looking through the current offerings of boring basics and sleeveless dresses, we’re not sure if we are going to like the change. There is a glimmer of hope on the skirt side.
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