Things were so simple back then…

Here is a cover before seventeen magazine started asking it’s readers “how do you know you’re ready to have sex?” Do you mind that teen magazines are talking about condoms, birth control, and high-school pregnancy?




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4 responses to “Things were so simple back then…

  1. Meg

    Well, given that teenagers are having sex, getting pregnant, et al., it would make sense to talk about it, no?

    Surely better than in my grandmother’s generation where things like this happened and no one talked about it. Read The Girls Who Went Away.

  2. samantharoyce

    That was the main reason I stopped reading Seventeen several years ago. The last straw was when they published a tutorial on how to use a condom – with illustrations! I had noticed that for about a year before that the magazine’s sexual content had skyrocketed, but I finally decided enough was enough. I threw all my old issues in the trash and warned my mother not to let my little sister read it.

  3. Katie

    How about discussing why they shouldn’t, instead of either ignoring or encouraging it?

  4. Lili

    having those articles in a magazine is deceiving and it is just telling them, go ahead this is cool. They sell and that is the only reason why they do it, they dont care about the youth just about the money.

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