The Modest Maven Blog

The Modest Maven Blog is a blog to share all the cool things I find in the world that are fashionable and modest. I hope you enjoy, and write lots of comments.


6 responses to “The Modest Maven Blog

  1. Sarah

    Good to have you!!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for posting about our new dresses at Diviine ModesTee. We are very excited about this launch and it was fun for me to find my blog post here on your site. Would you be interested in putting my blog on your blogroll? Let me know…

    Thanks again,


  3. I just discovered this by googling “modest fashion” and I love it! This is the best idea for a blog ever, and I’m so excited to see all of the suggestions you have for modest fashionable clothing. There needs to be more of you out there!

  4. modestmedia

    I just found your blog and wish you much luck. I would like to tell you about our new website as well, We manufacture a range of casual modest clothing mostly skirts for girls and women all covering the knee or longer. Our prices are very affordable as we start with skirts at only $10.

    We also make some original modesty fashion products like TeeNecks and Sleevies.

    Sleevies are sleeve extensions for anyone who wants to cover up their elbows and want to wear a short sleeve shirt.

    Further, we are thrilled to launch our newest modesty accessory product – TeeNecks. TeeNecks are shirt supplements designed to wear together with lower cut tops or dresses to cover up exposed areas of the chest, shoulders, and back – with style and comfort. They are like dickies, but with a fashion look and fabric! Please check them out on our site.

    We are adding a line of layering tops and better skirts as well. So please stay posted.

    Can you add us to your link resources?

    Thanks for your support.

  5. This is an excellent site! I really enjoyed looking at your many links. I also have a similar site that sells stylish and modest women’s and girls clothing. Would you consider adding us to your website?

    Thanks again and God Bless,
    A. Bailey

  6. chloe

    umm, these are so cute but do u know where i can actually BUY the modest swimsuits

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