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Travel Issues

ELIZA magazine‘s fall issue has a travel theme. They released this picture of Glee actress Jayma Mays, with a plane. I get it… travel!


They are picking a few blogs to feature who write about their favorite traveling memory. Here is mine….

My favorite trip has been to New York. Last time I went I stayed at The Mercer Hotel, saw the lovely Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel in the lobby. Love you guys!


Saw Chicago, In the Heights, and Wicked. Love, love, and love. Brought my mom with to Chicago, a little uncomfortable with all those Fosse pelvic movements, but what are you going to do?


Ate at Corton (239 W. Broadway modern, yet haute),  Artichoke Basille’s Pizza (328 E. 14th St.) and Cafe Boulud (20 E. 76th St. One of Ms. Astor’s favorites), to name a few. Eating is always a high point when there is so many amazing places to choose from.


Went to my two favorite museums in the world: The Frick and The Guggenheim. The Gug gets a lot of play, but sometimes the Frick is looked over. The location is this amazing mansion, I could  be entertained just looking at that, then they throw in amazing art on the walls. Don’t miss the Whistler portraits–so fashionable.


The rest of my trip was spent shopping, more eating and soaking up the energy and noise of the city. There is nothing like New York. What is your favorite trip?


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Eliza magazine’s blog is giving away cool stuff.

Yesterday was a Hobo International wallet and today you could win a vintage hem skirt or true birds headband. Check in everyday for new giveaways.

Which would you pick?


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Yell for Yellow

The ELIZA Magazine blog had this yellow modest tankini from Layers and I had to include it with some of my other favorite yellow things.
Picture 2
Layers Tankini $42 top, $26 bottom


Viceroy Palm Springs Fab Hotel

Picture 3  Shoes $24.99


Anthropologie  Blouse $88





  Shoes $24.99


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ELIZA Magazine Shot

Not only did I get a shout out from the ELIZA Blog, but I also got my latest issue and am in love with it. It keeps getting better and better. Here is one of my favorite shots…ever.


How cool is this?!  Love the outfits, love the background. Photographer is Maria Carmel, she also did one of my other favorite shoots with the model at the skate park. I will try and find it to post also. Did anyone see it?

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Twilight star Nikki Reed on Winter issue of Eliza

Pictures have leaked onto the internet of the new eliza magazine issue.

Here are two of the shots.


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More Brooke White Pictures from Eliza Magazine

I was bummed I hadn’t gotten my brooke white Eliza magazine issue yet, even though I saw it at my Barnes and Noble. I emailed them and they said it got stuck in Texas during the storm…no really, their printer is in Texas.

Anyway, for any of you who haven’t seen it yet here are some more of the Brooke White images inside the magazine.

She is so beautiful. There are even more, but I am trying to find them online, instead of just scanning my issue. If anyone else has the other images let me know.

I am ready for more Brooke White music. Can’t wait till she puts out a new album.


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Brooke White on Cover of Eliza Magazine

I just read a blog that said Brooke White is on the cover of Eliza Mag.’s fall issue. I cannot wait for September. The cover looks beautiful.

Brooke on Eliza Magazine

Brooke on Eliza Magazine

I will try and track down some more pictures…

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