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Epoch Modest Wedding Company

Here’s what they say:

Epoch Couture modest bridal gowns help brides seeking coverage without sacrificing style and elegance.

Each gown is hand-created and not mass produced, featuring gorgeous fabrics such as exquisite imported lace, soft creamy satin and crisp silk taffeta. Discerning Brides will love the extra care and attention to detail that goes into creating each bridal gown.

Because the designs are expertly crafted, we can accommodate the different needs of modesty at no extra charge. Additionally, most silver beadwork can be replaced with white for LDS Temple approval.

The Epoch couture line is a vision of originality while maintaining the allure of vintage-inspired, timeless elegance.

Mrs. Welcher drew inspiration from the women in her life. Each amazing design has a personality of those who inspired these incredible bridal gowns.”

Here’s what we say:

I like the gowns that they have. These being my favorite.

The down side is you can only find them at Chatfields Bridal Boutique and the selection is limited. But you only need one! Hopefully 😉


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Junee – Modest Clothing Review

I know there has been a bunch of new modest companies that have popped up, or at least I hadn’t known about them. I will try to get back on track to review these companies and see how they stack up. We are always glad to find modest clothes to add to our repertoire.

Junee has a basic, but well priced collection of clothes. The colors are classic–most are black, white or grey with a few pastels dabbled in there.

They only have three dresses, all black, and no accessories, yet. Hopefully they are coming. It is worth a look, especially if you need a comfortable basic skirt. They have a ton of choices, all around $20 to $60.



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Funky Frum is back

Funky Frum‘s previous owner started her family and decided to turn the reins over to another modest fashion company, Be Precious. Here is what the blog says:

“Hello Everyone, my name is Josh Liggett, and I run Recently, Rachel handed over the reins of Funky Frum to us at Be Precious, and we will be opperating the site from now on. We at Be Precious also wanted to wish Rachel the best in all her future endeavors.
If you are familiar with BePreciousClothing, you know that we are dedicated to providing you with modest clothing that is within the confines of “modesty,” while maintianing lots of style and fashion. The same will be true with FunkyFrum, which will feature some products that we are very excited about!
Here is a little snippet about Be Precious:
Be Precious™ was started in 2007 by Josh Liggett and is a family run business. Josh’s parents, Andy and Beverly, have been in the clothing business for over 25 years, and currently own and operate L.A. Movers™ (Including Scrambled Girls™, Ferocious Chick™, Perpetual Motion™, and Bev™).
Recently, the Liggett family realized that with changing fashion trends, there is a lack of fashionable modest clothing. Over time, it has become more and more difficult for woman of all ages to stay in style while maintaining their modesty.
So, Be Precious™ was created, taking the fashionable styles used by L.A Movers and making them modest. Not only do our products cover all the places necessary to be modest, but also are in the “spirit” of modesty.
So come and join the Be Precious Family and see how you can maintain your modesty while staying in style.
“At Be Precious, we’re not trying to make fashionable clothing modest. We’re trying to make modest clothing fashionable.”
-Josh Liggett, CEO, Be Precious Inc.”

What we loved about Funky Frum was the trendy fashion (brands like Tulle and Three Dot) from a jewish perspective. Looking through the current offerings of boring basics and sleeveless dresses, we’re not sure if we are going to like the change. There is a glimmer of hope on the skirt side.
Picture 3

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Kosher Clothing

Kosher clothing is a new, to me, modest clothing company. Looks like they have some cute stuff and the prices are really reasonable.

Check out this jean dress by CW by Christopher Webb for only $18 and this plaid skirt by Ren’ee C for $38.



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Be Precious Clothing Line Review

I found this company on’s site. Jen says “Be Precious is an offshoot of L.A. Movers, which is a clothing manufacturer that has been around for over 20 years. Be Precious takes all the fashionable LA Movers styles, and makes them modest! they have girls’ sizes 4-6x and 7-16, AND teen/adult sizes.”

The site has contemporary tops, skirts, dresses, accessories and layering shells. The designs are pretty basic, and not that exciting. Here are two of my favorite pieces. The tee has built in sleeves, so you get the extra coverage without the extra fabric. And the dress although not super modest, has a great bold pattern.



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Shade Clothing Review

Shade is known as the grandmother of modest companies. They were the first to get out to the public the idea of a shirt that could go under the current fashions to give you more coverage. Brilliant idea! They continue to specialize in the basic layering tees. They also sell tanks, tops, swim, girls, maternity, slips, and dresses. Nothing really jumps out at me on the website. Looks like they specialize in basics, they have one of the best selections of shirts, tons of colors and slightly different styles. I bought one of their swimming suits last year and it was not flattering at all. I wonder if this year is any better. Have any of you bought one?
shop shade here

a great basic tee $21.50
shade tee

dress $32.50
shade dress


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Sexy Modest Review

Sexy Modest is one of the newer modest clothing companies. I found them on the back of my last Eliza Magazine. A few of my friends have comment on the name, thinking it is an oxy-moron, but I think as grown woman being sexy is part of who we are. And modesty can be sexy without showing everything you have. In fact “sexy is in the eye of the beholder,” some men like classic cuts much better then revealing attire.
So there. The line, designed by Brigitte Brianna, has two distinct feels. One is more casual, almost workout wear and the other is on the casual dressy side. No dresses on this site, but they do have a skirt and jacket, shorts (one was featured in Eliza), and blouses. The blouses are my favorite feature because they stray from the typical modest tee. They are made of nice fabrics and have intricate detailing.
Sexy Modest
Sexy Modest


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